Spring Strom 2022: Am I Also a Flower?

Am I Also a Flower? 4X5 Large Format photography Self-portrait of Dylan De'Arman

My work/art is about layers. Photography is one medium with numerous processes and apparatuses that distil an image. I use photography because I want/like to complicate things physically and am drawn to the slower analogue process. The slower analogue process complicates the editing process because of the multitude of physical steps involved. Additionally, I am drawn to the analogue process because it uses elements of the earth to create the photographic phenomenon. I am a photographer/artist who tries to connect with the natural world/environment, and the subjects and/or images that I am drawn to reflect this impulse.

Am I Also a Flower?, 2022. 4X5 Large-Format Archival Pigment Print 32 X 39 inches


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