Eugene Darkroom Group: Community Chest

The Eugene Darkroom Group holds an annual Community Chest exhibition each year. The focus is on analog / film based photographic works. After graduation, I applied to become a member of the Eugene Darkroom Group. Additionally, I was even lucky enough to be a participant in the show, though the show wasn’t exclusively to the members, hence the name Community Chest.

The Meadow is a Mirror, Full of You (Extended Self-Portrait)

I have a deep connection / interest with plants / flowers. Additionally, working/composing with a large format view camera has allowed me to slow down, which in turn has helped me to focus on analyzing and to study my surrounding environment. The Iris is a unique flower because there are so many variances all over the globe. You can see them in a variety of hues, sizes, and shapes. Maybe that’s why Iris translates to rainbow in Greek. There are also varieties of domesticated, and wild Iris’s. The Meadow is a Mirror, Full of You (Extended Self-Portrait) is an exploration of self beyond the physical self. So, like a flower, I move with intention and soak in the environmental factors around me. Naturally, flowers are loaded with symbolism, but I gaze beyond its constructed symbols to find a flower in myself. 

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