Filbert Tree at Dorris Ranch in Fall By Dylan De'Arman

Filbert Trees

4×5 Large Format Photography

Ridgeline Trail System a View Through Oaks by Dylan De'Arman

A View Through the Oaks

4×5 Large Format Photography

King Tides Ocean in Oregon Large format Photography by Dylan De'Arman
King Tides Ocean in Oregon Lighthouse Large format Photography by Dylan De'Arman
Sunset King Tides By Dylan De'Arman

King Tides Oregon

Large and Medium format Film Photography

From the Distance

I know waterfalls are or can be cliché, but was struck by the memories and feelings of this encounter. 
While in Costa Rica, endured a bike ride to this waterfall (La Fortuna). Once at the trailhead discovered it was a tourist trap, but already committed and I had to see it and feel its waters. Come to find out it was dangerous too swim due to high/strong currents (which is great, we need more water). Though still swam in its adjacent waters. 
Now, reflecting, I felt each hurdle was mirrored into the images presented here and continue to be humbled. From grandiose to minuscule yet always from the distance. Shot on 35 mm film.

Color Film

Body of Water: not the actual sight of a drowning event, but nonetheless an event that has impacted me
Body of Water: A revisit to a sight where I last encountered a great coworker who passed away

Body Of Water: Part 1(Left) Part 2 (Right)

Body of Water as a whole encompasses the theme of death. Part 1 is a literal narative of a past memory that has influenced various aspect of how I view a person, place, or thing. Part 2 I revisit a sight where I had a last encountered with a person, who is no longer alive. Both images where shot using a large format view camera, which allowed me to slow down and really meditate on the experiences.

Drain's Dirt Lot Ground leveled for more development on site
Drain's Bridge that's trains utilize
Drain's very peculiar Church: God overly emphasized

The Town of Drain

Feeling particularly drained from the stresses of life, I took the opportunity to explore the town of Drain Oregon. Toting my large format camera to get crisp details of the small town.

Smugpot Large Format Photography


A device used for agriculture to prevent fruit trees from frost. Captured using a large Format view camera.

Bike Path Lump: Huge sight in Eugene that hasn't move or changed in months

Bike Path Lump

Initially, I saw this huge lump of cover dirt as an eye sore. Then I thought: “I need to look at this with fresh eyes,” so I captured an image on a large format view camera.

Washburn Park Large Fortmat Photography


Large Format View Camera on a early spring morning

Double Exposure on Color Film

Reenactment/Refusal. Empire of Dark. Rene Magritte reenactment

The Empire of Dark

Since my first art class in college, I’ve always looked to and up to Rene Magritte. This image is a rural reenactment to his seemingly urban The Empire of Light

This image got chosen for an auction during a conference in Costa Rica which sold for $150

Lovely Crick

Hiking around the wilderness has many wonders, but the beauty of the banality of this spot struck my heart cord. I had to snap an image.

Haunted Series: Landscape and Architecture Course
Haunted Series: Landscape and Architecture Course
Haunted Series: Landscape and Architecture Course

Haunting (series)

Haunting was my first final assignment in a Landscape and Architecture course, in which I was introduced to the photographic world and a DSLR camera. This series explored a haunted house.

Amazon Park looking towards Spencer Butte
Light painting study of a water tower
Disembodied: Motion Study

Light Painting

The four photos demonstrate the experimentation and unpredictable nature of night photography using light to paint and expose my scenes.

South Warner Thicket Trail cannot be seen
South Warner Wilderness California
South Warner Wilderness Fields of Balsam Roots
South Warner Wilderness Panorama Trail Fork to Poison Lake

South Warner Wilderness

North sister on the right middle sister on the left
Three Sisters sign Post

The Sisters Wilderness
Top of Middle Sister onlooking the Armageddon of of summer 2020 fire season

Ascending Middle Sister

Two days after the transport wind decided to blow east causing the cascades to burn all over Oregon Summer of 2020. My friend is pointing toward the Holiday fire which burned much of Mckenzie area.

Los Pinos Trail heart shaped cactus
Los Pinos Peak Trail Pano

Los Pinos Peak Wilderness Trail

Coles Landscape in the Morning
Bardot's Landscape Midday
Nilsen's Landscape at Night

A Cosmic Surgery Version of Two Truths and a Lie

Fabricated Landscape

Large Format Film Exposure of the River Front Festival TV by Dylan De'Arman Black and White silver gelatin print
Long Exposure of the Eugene River Front Festival TV by Dylan De'Arman Black and White silver gelatin print

Long Exposure

San Fransisco in the early morning
Cloud Study Blue
The Migration of the Vox Swifts

Cloud Studies

35mm Color Film
Waves in the ocean made from a ship

Water Studies

The Place To Be Eugene Riverfront Festival By Dylan De'Arman 4X5 Digital Scan
San Jose, Costa Rica 35mm Color Film
Graffiti in San Jose, Costa Rica 35mm Color Film
straight photography of a church in Reno Nevada
Straight photography of statue in Reno Nevada
Botanical garden shine in Porto Vallarta
San Fransisco in the early morning
Sky obstruction in San Francisco


Holding line protecting a power line in Alaska
Blow up happing in the heat of the day in Alaska

The Alaskan Frontier-Burning-2019

John Day Fossil Bed
Travertine Yellowstone
Saving the dog from the craters of the moon
Blissful trail heading towards the granite in the Grand Tetons
MT Shasta covered in snow

Admirable Areas

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