Spring Strom 2022: Am I Also a Flower?

My work/art is about layers. Photography is one medium with numerous processes and apparatuses that distil an image. I use photography because I want/like to complicate things physically and am drawn to the slower analogue process. The slower analogue process complicates the editing process because of the multitude of physical steps involved. Additionally, I am… Continue reading Spring Strom 2022: Am I Also a Flower?

Eugene Darkroom Group: Community Chest

The Eugene Darkroom Group holds an annual Community Chest exhibition each year. The focus is on analog / film based photographic works. After graduation, I applied to become a member of the Eugene Darkroom Group. Additionally, I was even lucky enough to be a participant in the show, though the show wasn’t exclusively to the… Continue reading Eugene Darkroom Group: Community Chest

Punch Projects: Barnstorm

Applied and got accepted for one of my art works to be featured in Punch Projects’ gallery in Thorp Washington from July 2nd-23, 2022. The theme of the show focused on the rural and the urban divide, but also how they come together. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMyO14fp_Ji6Ma3vvnPWob3x3K6GdMqXNY-0oaHAlo-0IQiJqLnjmdq1I4msvJGqA?pli=1&key=ZnhXS1prSWdtYUx4eTZISTFkR0lFX2VRcG5uXzln

Advance Photography’s Group Exhibition: Medium Inconvenience

Medium Inconvenience exhibition consisted of 13 photographers exploring the vast variety of different aspects and issues of the medium of photography and Art in general. As a class in Advance Photography, we spent each day critiquing and discussing everyone’s work from the beginning of the term till the exhibition. Roughly 10 weeks of rigorous labor.… Continue reading Advance Photography’s Group Exhibition: Medium Inconvenience

Accessing the Aether

This was the end of the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) senior thesis exhibition that displayed, collaborated, and shared works that complicated, complimented and contradicted each others own individual works. Each of our works explored aspects of Light and Dark elements. As a wonderful colleague, educator, and inspirerer Liberty’s thesis work occupied the left half… Continue reading Accessing the Aether

Circle People

First iteration and development of my thesis project. I used the Foyer gallery as a site-specific location for my Circle People idea. I liked how the guided window panes seemed to mirror the work I presented. This project in particular, was used for BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Critic class during Winter Term 2022. In… Continue reading Circle People

The In Between

Exhibition October 18th-21st 2021 Location: Washburn Gallery 9 A.M.- 6 P.M. The In Between’s intention is a privy blurred representation of the physical and non-physical, i.e. reality and the digital realm. After hearing and watching an artist lecture from Amir Zaki, over Zoom, I become enthralled with his process of looking at the world through… Continue reading The In Between

The Weight Life Bares

As I stand, confined to my domestic setting in a new age of strife, I am aware of the lack where the usual and/or appropriate coverings that constituted living once protected and exposed me. Summoning Ana Mendieta, I am flooded by time and history. I pause. Now, over thinking and filling up with emotion, I… Continue reading The Weight Life Bares