shooting in the field with my dslr with backpack on by Dylan De'Arman

My services include a variety of applications as seen on my website. Some examples are:


This includes formal headshots, dress to impress, casual or artsy portraiture. Formal portraits can be used for professional settings such as for auditions, company website and/or a LinkedIn profile image. Artistic portraits can be casual and/or serious. An artistic portrait can be a way to represent yourself in an artistic manner, or a way that feels more natural. Product shots are also a portraitesque service.

The location of the photoshoot can be at a photo studio, home, outside (if weather permits), or any other desired location.

Digital Art

Digital art includes services such as cards (events, business, postcards, etc.). Logo image design for a variety of business purposes. And as a resource for artists who need a digitized and printable version of their artwork (e.g., large-scale, paintings, etc.). This service allows artists to sell and distribute copies of their otherwise non-digital work.


Prints services include a physical copy of images on my website. Other print services include 19th century processes such as cyanotypes or lumen prints. Cyanotype and lumen images can be chosen for print, or from an existing image or idea that is not part of my collection. This could be a portrait or family photo transferred to a cyanotype or lumen print.

Working on becoming a professional photographer, I value myself, my work, and the input of my client, so my prices vary. Contact me via email to discuss what services your are looking for. Initial discussion is just the discussion. I will follow-up with a quote after I’ve had time to consider the full scope of the project.

My prices are based on the cost of traveling, at location (set up and break down of equipment), at photo shoot, production/post production of the image, and the use of the photograph. Instead of a per hour charge, I charge by a per-image/per-project basis. This helps me focus and perfect a select set of image(s). All images can be distributed digitally and printed.

As the photographer and artist, I own copyright of the images I shoot. If you are interested in copyright ownership we can discuss temporary, exclusive, or long-term rights. This is an additional charge and most likely isn’t necessary for your needs.

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