Accessing the Aether

This was the end of the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) senior thesis exhibition that displayed, collaborated, and shared works that complicated, complimented and contradicted each others own individual works. Each of our works explored aspects of Light and Dark elements. As a wonderful colleague, educator, and inspirerer Liberty’s thesis work occupied the left half… Continue reading Accessing the Aether

Circle People

First iteration and development of my thesis project. I used the Foyer gallery as a site-specific location for my Circle People idea. I liked how the guided window panes seemed to mirror the work I presented. This project in particular, was used for BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Critic class during Winter Term 2022. In… Continue reading Circle People

The In Between

Exhibition October 18th-21st 2021 Location: Washburn Gallery 9 A.M.- 6 P.M. The In Between’s intention is a privy blurred representation of the physical and non-physical, i.e. reality and the digital realm. After hearing and watching an artist lecture from Amir Zaki, over Zoom, I become enthralled with his process of looking at the world through… Continue reading The In Between